The Application Process for the 7th annual Muslim Jewish Conference is now open.

“The ‘Muslim Jewish Conference’ (MJC) is a dialogue and leadership project that targets Muslim and Jewish leaders of tomorrow from the fields of economics, politics and academia. Students and young professionals from all over the world gather once a year at the MJC, working toward achieving a feat that many describe as impossible: challenging preconceived notions, stereotyping and ignorance to build a new global movement of young Muslim and Jewish leaders who are committed to paving a way for mutual trust and respect between the two communities.

After 6 years of changing cities, the MJC has now decided to rest for a while. It had been important to go to a new country each year to find partners, to energize local communities about important issues and to network with local activists and practitioners. In the last two years, Germany has become our true partner; offering tremendous support and taking our work extremely seriously. We have therefore chosen Germany to host the MJC again in 2016. We hope to foster further long-term cooperation with Germany and potential German donors. This does not mean that the MJC will never take place in a different location, but in order to move closer to a Muslim Jewish Agency, which we aspire to create, it is important to strengthen our relationship with those who truly understand and support the importance of our work. The exact city will soon be announced. We look forward to meeting you.

The MJC 2016 will take place in Germany from August 7 through August 14.

Application were open until the 5th of June and are now closed. Thank you for the numerous applications again this year!

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