“Stand Up” by Komal

Ignorance, idiocy, and incompetence lie in every corner of the world and in every forum imaginable. There are populations of people who live amongst us that live a life without dignity, decency, freedom, and humanity. How can there be peace in our world if ‘we’ stand back and accept that as their reality? Today, “they” are oppressed, but what if tomorrow it was you? If you don’t stand up for the “other” today, who will stand up for you tomorrow?
Ignorance cannot lead to long-term blissfulness. We as a global society must become intolerant to violence, injustice, and hatred. We must realize that if hatred can be infectious, then so can love. In this current ‘World War’ our strongest weapon, our strongest defense, is our compassion, our love, and our humanity for each other everywhere.
Just another reminder why the MJC and the work we do together is SO important. What we do today dictates the way we will live our tomorrow.
Here is to a life of purpose and public service. May God bless us all.

– Komal, United States of America